Our Healing Mission

  • To provide a way of visually identifying those who got the shot

  • To help people feel safer around each other

  • To encourage people to get the shot to reach herd immunity

  • To help get life back to normal again


Play the video to SEE how healing works

How can you SEE who got the Covid-19 Shot?

Vaccination Example needs bands.jpg

Just look to see who is wearing the "I GOT THE SHOT" green band being handed out for FREE at many Covid Shot sites around the country.

  • Feel Safer Around Others

  • Others Feel Safer Around You

  • Encourage Your Community & Friends to Get the Shot

  • Help Achieve Community Immunity & Restore Normal Life

The Official Band of Covid Recovery


Limited Availability - Register Today

vSafeBands.com offers a free green "I GOT THE SHOT" band to everyone who gets the Covid-19 shot. If you didn't get one when you got the shot just complete the form to get yours. The band helps you feel safer around others and helps them feel safer around you. It encourages others to get the shot and helps get life back to normal.

Its how everyone knows who got the the shot.

Covid Shot Site.jpg


Shot Site?

If you are a Covid-19 shot site and need more bands, just contact us here.  We can send them to you for free as long as you have someone who can hand them out.  


Help Us Hand Out Bands

If you live near on of the Mega Shot Sites and would like to help us hand out bands please contact us here.  It is a great opportunity to do good and meet some great people.

Where to Get the Covid-19 Shot


Excited to Visit Family Again

I am looking forward to visiting my family again for the holidays.

Travel Again

I am looking forward to traveling again without the fear of catching Covid.

Sports Events & Movies

I miss the feeling of the crowds at sports events and the rush of adrenaline at movie theatres.